Junior Player Expression of Interest 2019


REGISTRATIONS: To Register your interest to play with Plenty Valley Lions FC , complete the form below and ‘Press’ SUBMIT. ┬áComplete all Required Fields (marked by *).


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  • By submitting this form, you confirm you have read and accept the following conditions (below), the Terms & Conditions attached (terms and conditions), Parent Code of Behaviour, Player Code of Behaviour, Spectator Code of Behaviour, Constitution and By-Laws of FFV & FFA and Smoke Free Policy (available from this Link).

  • The player registration fee shall be made according to the fee schedule listed in accordance with the player’s relevant age group.

  • 2019 Junior Fees and Registration Package (Registration Fees & Package).

  • Each player is required to pay a $150 deposit no later than 31/01/2019.

  • This Form/Request will not be processed until the registration deposit ($150) has been received by the club.

  • Payment of the Deposit does not confirm a player’s placement in a team in 2019.

  • Allocation of players to teams will be at the discretion of the Club and Coaches and will not be made until February 2019.

  • Should a player not be selected a full refund of the fees paid will be made.

  • The balance of your registration fee must be paid by no later than 28/02/2019.

  • No refund will be given to a player leaving the club after 28/02/2019.

  • In 2019 the Club will not enter into ‘payment plans’ for a player’s registration fee.

  • Full payment is required before the player can be registered with the FFV, and he/she will not be permitted to participate in training sessions and/or any organised competition held by the Club.

  • Full payment is required before any items included as part of the registration (ie playing kits) are handed over to the player.

  • When a player has been allocated to a team and their full fees have been paid, IT IS THE PARENT/GUARDIAN RESPONSIBILITY TO REGISTER THE PLAYER WITH THE FFV (The Club will assist with the process at that time). No additional Fees are payable to the FFV.

  • 2019 Training Commences on Thursday 31st January 2019. Date and Times to be confirmed closer to the date.