Mission and Goals

Vision for juniors

“The objective of the Junior Committee is to create a friendly environment where children can develop interpersonal skills and friendships whilst maintaining a form of physical activity through the ongoing development of their soccer skills.”


  • To be a welcoming Community club to juniors of all abilities

  • Football will be coached, played and supported in accordance with the spirit of the game, represented by fair play and sportsmanship

  • Coaches will be supported to create and maintain a positive learning environment during training and games, demonstrated by an educational focus, calm player instruction and a emphasis on participation. Success will be measured through resulting improvements in football performance, not just game outcomes.


  • To expand the number of girls playing Junior soccer at PVLFC

  • Continue to develop soccer skills in all Juniors of all abilities

  • To further develop Coaches so as to expand their knowledge of soccer and providing guidance to all Junior soccer teams at PVLFC.